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52II V - Automatic dispenser

With vertical cutting assy

These models cut paper or film vertically in the pre-set dimensions with an automatic simultaneous paper or film advance and ejection. The unit is delivered with two rotating blades which allow thθ cutting of three different pre-selected sizes.
Fully automatic dispenser

• Automatic or manual working cycle

• Control panel with illuminated keyboard

• Illuminated liquid cristal display

• Controlled illumination of display, which switches off, when opening the lid

• Silent transport by a high frequency controlied stepping motor

• Transport accuracy: +/-1 mm

• Microprocessor controlled electronic circuit for the following functions:

- Adjustable transport motor speed

- Counter for presetting sheets to be cut

- Counter for total amount of cut sheets

- Counter in meters to indicate the amount of paper of    film used

- Selection of measuring systems (millimeters or inches)    with step increases of 1 mm or 1/10 i inch

- 10 memory channels

- Warning for errors or defects



38 x 55 x 184 cm

Dimensions with packing

51 x 42 x 200 cm


48 cm

Weight with packing

63 kg

Absorbed power

240 W

Power supply

50/60 Hz-1 17/220/240 V