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About Dicus

Dicus produces and sells cutting systems for photography, graphics and digital imaging.

Dicus was founded in 2002 when Rollma spa (1976-2002) terminated its activity. The partners continued in the old company owned by the Marmont family with prestigious assignments. Thanks to their experience a new research & development office, unique in the sector, was started and the firm gained recognition at global level.



Dicus designs equipment for its own mfg. dept as well as for other firms. Its research for new products to be developed never stops nor does its will to grow with its partners.

Dicus, with important and on-going investments in research wants to play a fundamental role in the graphic, photographic and digital imaging sectors, developing break-though and successful technological innovations, custom designed for its clients' requirements.

The company's objective for the immediate future is to become a landmark in the sector of cutting, its technical and sales staff are inspired by the will to grow together with their customers.

Divisione Green:    
produces trimming boards and distributes RIP for the small and medium sized after-digital-printing graphic and photographic sectors. To be mentioned the trimmer for cold or hot laminated-encapsulated sheets.

Divisione Blue:  
designs and produces custom made cutting systems. The client can choose to buy a personalized machine for its own use, or we can directly supply the clients by mass producing articles that the client can sell worldwide.

Divisione Rollmatraditional:  
produces traditional trimming boards and dispensers as well as all the spare parts in the Rollma catalogue for something like 20000 machines sold in every corner of the earth.



Company headquarters
Malnate (Va) Italy
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General Manager : Franco Ripamonti
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Marketing Manager: Mario Rabuffetti
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Purchase Manager: Pierluigi Temporelli
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Production Manager: Marcello Franco
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Customer service and technical support :
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Account departement
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Dicus S.r.l.
Via Guido Rossa, snc - 21046 MALNATE (Va) - Italy
Tel. +39 0332 425654 - Fax: +39 0332 862379